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The people who give to Keren Yisorel are those who do not need to be convinced. We are a community of like-minded individuals who are looking for a way to give to others, to share our resources, to give back what we have received from others. We are people who are anxious to help and are pleased that an organization like Keren Yisroel is there to make it possible to help others in dignity and with respect.

I have been a supporter of Keren Yisroel for a number of years. They have provided urgently needed support for a number of people. Under the able direction of Mrs. Nechama Berenstein, this organization has not only provided many with needed funds when they had no other place to turn, but always dealt with everyone with unparalleled sensitivity and respect. Please join me in supporting this remarkable organization.
Shlomo Marcovich
I would like to offer my fullest and most heartfelt testimonial for the Keren Yisroel gmach. There was a time when, unfortunately, I needed a loan, and immediately and without asking any questions, I was given enough to take care of my most pressing needs. I was in tears, and beyond any words, and I couldn’t believe that there was someone who expressed such kindness, compassion, love, empathy, but more than all that, offered a practical and immediate solution to my condition. BH, whenever I can I try to help the Keren. I know many people who have had similar experiences to mine. The people who operate the Keren are true to the values of Yiddishkeit, the Torah and the Rebbe’s teachings. This is a gmach that helps people with dignity and respect, and I only hope and pray that donors will appreciate this and give without reservation.
Over the years I have watched as the activities of the Keren Yisroel helped many, often in dramatic ways. In doing so there was an unusual ability to comfort the recipient such that they did not feel abandoned and lost. While there are many chesed organizations that help many and do important work, the need for the Keren Yisroel is urgent. It is irreplaceable and I urge you to support it generously and with priority.
Simi Jacobson
I have known Nechama Berenstein of Keren Yisroel for several years. She has always and consistently been very kind and extremely generous, looking out to help many through difficult situations. Nechama's Keren is always giving and helping in ways that are beyond imaginable! The Keren helps the needy, underprivileged, widows, orphans, people in abused situations, and those who are financially unstable. The Keren has always been available to assist unconditionally and emotionally as well! The world needs more kind people like Nechama who care about others. Please help the Keren Yisroel so they can continue to help others!
Chaya Cohen
I have been working actively in Keren Yisroel for years, being of assistance in whichever ways I can. This organization is like none other! It helps families in crisis. It would not take care of a bit of a problem, rather the whole person or family is attended to. Our goal is to try to help whomever is in need and we try not to turn anyone away. I have watched this Keren save one life after another., I have watched this Keren be non-judgmental and be completely dedicated to help anyone, everywhere, whether in the way of a listening ear, financially,or with practical advice and referrals. The way of giving is very unusual, a kind of giving that one can only read about in story books. .Always done with a smile, good cheer, discreetly and quietly. Those in charge of the organization have demonstrated and taught an unparalleled approach, unique among whatever chesed activities or organizations I have witnessed. The Keren helps discreetly and without fanfare. I have never witnessed chesed of this kind done with such a full heart and tremendous concern for another. I encourage all those that can to help in the way we try to treat those in need – with a full heart and a full hand.
Rochel Serebranski
Keren Yisrael aka Nechama Berenstein. How can I describe what can't be described. How to bring down on paper when there is not enough ink. How can you describe a manner that warms the heart more then any furnace ever can . How to explain the concept of giving and helping that's not fathomable. How to speak words when I stand speechless. One thing I know, if all the needy, all the underprivileged, all the almanos, all the yesomin, all the gerushim, and, yes, all the wealthy who were touched by this kindness would step up, Moshiach would be here.
Esther Schonfeld
Calling upon the worlds out there Pamalya shel Maalah and pamalya shel Maatah Come see , come Malachim , come the ones who wanted to see what the humans could do down here. To the Neshamos Tehoros who are associated with the namesake and Founder of this Keren Yisroel, come forth in glory. Come forth to see the ruckus this Keren has stirred. To the Very Honored, Majestic, Glorified, Brilliant, Wealthy, Scholarly, Frum, or Chasidishe people, no matter where you may be. Come learn from a place, a well spring of Chassadim Tovim , a place you will find no match to. Keren Yisroel , how dear you are to the One Above!! How dear you are to the children of the Ribono Shel Olam. How dear you are to the future children of Klal Yisroel. You have exemplified the true meaning of Torah, of Tefillah and Tzedakah. You have exemplified what it truly means to give with an open hand and open heart. You have shown and taught our people, bnei Malachim what true Ahavas Yisroel is. Ahavas Yisroel to the utmost. Dear Friends, if there is any place for you to put your hard earned , toiled over parnossa, it would be in a place that your investment not only multiplies, but runneth over. In a place that will give you not only dividends in Wealth, but also in life, health, Nachas and more.
Meyer and Bracha Baila Rotenberg
I know literally dozens of people who have been helped by Keren Yisroel and have shared their stories with me. Several themes seem to always come up. First, precisely when they were desperate and losing hope, that's when help arrived. Secondly, contrary to what they experienced from others, they were treated with complete respect. They were not made to feel lower because they asked for or needed help. On the contrary somehow the care and love that was shown to them made them feel valued and good about themselves. That is the hallmark of Keren Yisroel. That is the stamp that Nechama Berenstein, the founder of the Keren, has put on all of its activities. Your partnership will enable these activities to continue and expand.
Leibish Nash
People should be aware of one of the amazing projects of the Keren Yisroel under the direction of Nechama Berenstein. There were a number of boys in the community who were up to no good and getting into trouble. The Keren sponsored their enrollment in Yeshivas outside the community that taught them Torah and also vocational skills. These boys are now men who are leaders and examples of refined and productive members of our community. They were literally rescued from the depths and are now people to look up to. This is an organization that accomplishes very much good and it is important for everyone to know and help them. I encourage you to support it in all ways.
Yoske Levin
Gemillas Chessed Keren Yisrael Is a place that I believe is a gilgul and a continuation of the Funds that the Bal Shemtov Hakadosh himself put together to help any Yid. This Gemillas Chessed is one that exemplifies and represents the meaning of Gemillas Chessed as the Torah Hakdosha describes it. If I may add, I'm not sure even the Torah Hakdosha describes Chessed as this Gemillas Chessed Keren has shown. Keren Yisroel is a makom kadosh. A place where the Shechinah rests. A place anyone who lacks any blessings in life, can bring them forward for themselves. Yidden, don't be fooled by the simplicity of it's function and the one who runs it. One who touches this place with a good eye and hand will be blessed by Hashem Yisborech.
Yankel and Chaya Bender
I don't know what Mrs. Berenstein does or how she finds the rime, resources and energy to do it, but somehow behind the scenes and in the shadows I can testify that she is moving mountains to make sure that all families in need are taken care of down to the last detail.
15+ Years Making A difference

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Proverbs 10:22